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Post by Admin on Wed Aug 03, 2016 8:02 pm

I'd like to inform you that I have created a new forum, because this one turned to be insufficient in functionality.

So please move on to our new forum:


First, register yourself under your name "jetrans".

Then, proceed to "Medical Translation" column under the "Ask" heading.
Again, I'll repeat. Please go to the "Medical Translation" column.

Then click the "Medical Translation" words.

Then you'll see one thread - "Read me first."

Please read this "Read me first" fully before you write, because it is filled with very important rules.

Then go back to the previous page. (This is VERY IMPORTANT)

You can see a darker-blue "Create Thread" words at the right side of the "Medical Translation" header.

Click this "Create Thread" words. And enter an appropriate title in the subject field; this will be a thread name you are about to create.

Please be sure to name it unique and distinguishable.

OK: Headache - Paper No. 123456 (It's OK because it's quite unique.)

NG: "Help!" "How do you say this?"
This is NG because it can be used for every thread, and if that is realized, you'll see tons of threads with the same name, which is veeeeery difficult to use!

I ask you, please read the "Read me first" thread and NEVER REPLY to the thread, for it is a notice thread.

Thanking you in advance and see you there!! Smile



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